Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I've been carrying out an experiment since last week on travel expenses.

Nothing that great. But just to find out how much I actually spend on travelling.

All this while, I buy a monthly travel card for two zones at £49.80 for four weeks.

I wanted to find out how much I am actually spending on travelling.

So far, week one:
Sunday: Bus from town to go home: £1.20
Monday: Train to work return: £2.95
(Long story why this price will be different from the reoccuring trip)
Tuesday: Train from work to home: £1.40
Wednesday: Didn't pay for train to work and got a ride home with Iain: £0
Thursday: Went to work late and got a cheap day return: £1.50
Friday: Didn't pay for train to work and got a lift with Jim into town.

In total, I spent £7.05 for the week.

If I take a monthly pass, it will cost me £12.45 per week. And a weekly pass will cost me about £13.80.

Buying tickets as and when I require has some drawbacks as well.

Among those are the it is not as flexible as having to flash your travel pass. Journeys have to be preplanned so to maximise the cost effectiveness.

Then you need to either have change all the time for the bus or cash for the train. Actually, you can pay by card on the train. So it is not that bad, for the train.

I think it isn't that bad. I guess I shall stick to buying tickets for now. Let's see how.

Anyways, note to self, the next time if the train is cancelled or I'm late, just take the next train or the bus.

I didn't take the bus today because I didn't have enough change. So I took the train to Glasgow Central and then walk to Queens Street. Should have got off at Argyle Street instead. Got a bit lost at Central finding my way out. It is such a huge station!

Anyways, yes, taking the next train from Anniesland compared to wasting all this time gets me to work at the same time.

Honestly it's more hassle than it's worth.

Of course, if I took the bus, I would have been in here 10-20 mins earlier. Oh well...

Still, I got in to work.

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