Monday, 7 April 2008


Headlines on Monday’s Metro: Sports stars, 2,000 police, protesters (plus Denise Van and the Sugababes) turn torch procession into a... 5-ring circus.

I find it somewhat fascinating and curious to all the riots and protests by pro-Tibetan groups/individuals.

It is quite sad actually to see civilians and even monks fighting for their rights. It really humbles us on our day to day lives that we so often take for granted our freedom and rights.

However, I do believe that there is always a place and time for everything, protests included.

The London leg of the torch relay was quite a shambles really. I do agree with the above headline, why is there non sports personality carrying the torch?

To add some ‘glamour’? Sports personalities are not good enough? Who knows?!

Then you get these torch protectors. The Chinese team of torch protectors in their blue tracksuits, with, get a hold of this a waist pouch!

Don’t you think they look rather ridiculous?

Apparently, their task is to ensure that the flame does not go out, light it up again if it does, but to circle around the torch bearer? Honestly!

I wonder do they really don’t put out the flame of the torch, even on the plane? Apprently they don't.

And I read somewhere that there is always one person (the flame protector) stays awake to guard the torch. Hmmm... again.

This round of torch relay is somewhat interesting.

In the sense that either there are lots of people lined along the road waiting with anticipation and excitement for the torch to come through, or a road barricaded with ‘actors - innocent-enough-not-demonstrating-or-protesting school children waving flags of China’ welcoming the torch.

The various additional fanfare and banners of protests.

The various antics of protestors demonstrating on the relay path.

Possibly the first torch relay on a bus and boat?

And the broadcast of the torch relay on China’s telly that omits any footage of protesting/ demonstration.

Talk about a closed country. Talk about interesting(!).

Not being pro-Chinese or pro-human rights or pro-Tibetans, why in the world did China received the votes to carry out the Olympics in the first place??!!

And as wrong as China is, as well as those who want their voices heard, this is the Olympics for goodness sake!

An event where continents are united through sports. Where the sporting ideals are being celebrated. Where great sporting talents are being recognised. Where people are brought together for the good for sportsmanship.

And the Olympic flame is supposed to be a symbol of peace. So where's the peace then?

Like I say, there is always a time and place. I’m not sure if I’m even looking forward to the 2008 Olympics anymore.

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