Thursday, 12 June 2008


LineManagerMark has just left for his holidays to Florida for two weeks two weeks and a bit (as he corrects me).

So... The cat away the mouse will play.

The Commercial Manager came up to me beginning of the week to say ‘no pressure, but you are in charge while he is away’. Right...

Given the chance, I think I will go home early tonight.

Take the 5pm train which means I leave around 4:50pm. Go home relax. Watch The Simpsons. Read in the second bedroom, hopefully the sun will be out and the room is nice and warm.

Euro 2008? What Euro 2008?

Now, instead, I can’t wait to know more about the Rooney-McLoughlin £5m wedding! Saw it on BBC News earlier.

I wonder when will it be out on OK! I haven’t even finished reading that copy of Hello! on Peter and Autumn Phillip’s wedding!

I have been trying to come to work early, rather, the time I’m supposed to be in, but failed a couple of times this week. Considering, it is not that bad after all because for weeks I had been coming in at a later time which has become my usual time.

Like they say, the cat away the mouse will play.

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