Monday, 23 June 2008


Due to circumstances TOH haven’t been down to Glasgow, until a few weeks back.

Somehow I don’t know whether it was because he haven’t been down for so long, or that one of my nickname is ‘Local Nut’ and somehow his is ‘Freak’, or just because the aura we exude; that weekend when TOH came down, after a long time, was the weekend of loonies.



After meeting up with TOH the both of us headed to the bus stop waiting for the bus home.

Then we spotted Loony #1 and tried to pretend we were deep in conversation so that Loony #1 doesn’t come over and chat with us.

Lo and behold, guess what?!, Loony #1 had to pick us and came over to speak to us.

Loony #1: Hello. *smiling scarily like a pirate and his ‘beautiful’ jangly teeth. And then speaking to TOH* Is she your girlfriend?
TOH: Yes she is my girlfriend.
Loony #1: She is beautiful isn’t she?
TOH: *smile and agree, speechless*
ennazus: *smile even more and equally speechless*
Loony #1: She is very beautiful isn’t she? What’s her name?
TOH: Suzanne
Loony #1: That’s a nice name. What’s your name? *directing the question to TOH*
TOH: *answers his name*
Loony #1: My name is Peter. (Don’t ask me why I can still remember his name). She’s pretty isn’t she.
ennazus: *smiles even more and perplexed for words*

Of course it is nice to receive praises. But to have the same thing repeated so many times and is the only topic of conversation, it is terribly uncomfortable.

Being the nice people that we are, we don’t have the heart to tell him to go away, sadly, entertained him for the longest five minutes in our lives. I even had a pretended moment of our-bus-was-arriving-we-got-to-go.

Eventually we don’t know what else to talk about and the both of us were really uncomfortable, Looney Peter eventually left us for two girls at the bus stop.

I don’t know how and why he picked them both out of the many who are at the bus stop, but we were too busy post-mortem-ing the situation to do anything.

Unfortunately for the girls, he harassed them longer than us. By the time the bus arrived the girls were just glad to jump onto the bus. And one of the girls just dropped her money into the slot and said to the bus driver ‘anywhere, just anywhere’.

Mr. Bus Driver was stunned.

Anyways, Loony Peter was drunk.



The next day, TOH and I were in FOPP. FOPP is one of the bestest places to get cheap affordable music, DVDs and books.

We were browsing the stuff in the shop, when suddenly...

Loony #2: *speaking to TOH* Is she your girlfriend?
ennazus: *more than likely had groaned silently, turned facing to TOH and Loony*
Loony #2: She’s pretty isn’t she?
TOH and ennazus: *smiles politely*
ennazus: *thinking: ‘I can’t believe another one!’ Mentally smacks forhead*
Loony #2: What’s her name?
TOH: Suzanne
Loony #2: I see. She’s pretty isn’t she? What’s your name?
TOH: *answers his name like before*
Loony #2: *acknowledges that* She’s pretty isn’t she?

By this time I’m sure both of us were quite freaked out with how the weekend has been going.

They all must have communicated and hauled all the loonies informing that we were in town. And I’m convinced that something must be wrong with me or that it has been etched on my head ‘just tell me I’m pretty, NOW!’.

This time, I just scurried away dragging TOH with me when Loony #2 turned her head to the other side, even it was just for a while.


I totally can’t believe what has been happening!!!

I know they are normally more than likely harmless. Most of the time, they are just drunk or really loony. And it is easier to play along rather than to offend them as you don’t know they might just turn violent.

But to have two in one weekend?!

So on our way walking home...

ennazus: I really don’t know what has been going on. Is it you or me or just the both of us? Or they know we haven’t been out and about together here for so long? We seemed to have been attracting all these loonies this whole weekend. *proceeds to rant about all the incidences we had*... And then they just have to say about ‘what’s your name?’, ‘she’s pretty/beautiful isn’t she?’ I really can't stand it when they say that. *very the exasperated by then*

We continued ranting about the experiences when suddenly...

TOH: Local Nut (That’s my nickname, btw). ‘She’s the local nut, I’m the freak, and what’s your name?’ Next time when they ask ‘what’s your name?’ then I’ll say that.

ennazus: *+____-"" can’t stop laughing by now* It’s a bit too late to think about that now right? Such a good line but a bit too late, plus will you still remember it when we meet another Loony?

Both of us continued laughing on the quiet street, prolly looking like a couple of absolute nut case.

ennazus: You better make sure you say that the next time. I dare you to say it. I’ll just have to prepare myself to run.

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suemae said...

Desperate single female is depressed enough that she is willing to entertain even the most cheesy pick up line right now....

guy:"So, I lost my number, can I have yours?"
me:"Sure, let's go out for a drink now."

Anyone would do now.