Monday, 2 June 2008


TOH and I just got back from Spain last night after almost an hour delay on our flight.

I'm rather very tanned and he's kinda burnt because he has sensitive skin. Quite sexy tho. Hehehehe... A little colour always look nice. (>.<) Had a nice easy-ozzy day after seeing TOH off at the bus station, then a quick shot of Sex and the City at the cinema.

Quick shot, because I forgotten to check what time the movie end as I had a dental appointment.


Yes, I was the mad one who walked out on a movie. Paid for. Will go and watch it again this Friday if time permits. Great great great...

So far I am loving the movie.

Uploaded the hols photos on my computer AND found out that I took over 840 photos on my phone! Now, I just need to quality scan them as I'm sure not all are clear.

So, wait patiently, while I share with you what I think is the most irrelevant ad.

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