Thursday, 19 June 2008

eviction no.2

One out and fifteen to go.

Second eviction, TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Ooooh...

It would be anyone but Mario, right, no?

Okay, he may not be the best of the housemates and a bit overbearing on Mikey, still Mario should stay (at least for another week) and Alex must go.

I’m not surprise that Mario might be playing the I’m-a-beacon-in-Mikey’s-life-because-he-has-a-disability-so-you-all-should-not-evict-me card.

Or perhaps he does genuinely want to be there for Mikey but people just think that he is using Mikey for another week longer in the BB House.

Who knows?

Alex, on the other hand, just HAVE TO GO.

Short of being a tyrant, she is a BULLY! She can’t control her temper, whines a lot, back stabber, swears a lot, inconsiderate, selfish, and the list goes on. Her presence is pulling the other housemates down.


I wonder how she is at work? Perhaps you don’t get a lot of conflict at work as an accounts executive. I don’t know.

All I know is that, if I am in her place, I would dread to think what my boss is thinking seeing my behaviour and true colours on national tv.

Her departure will mark a drastic change in the House. But I think I rather have a nicer more peaceful house. After all, the rest of the housemates should have a chance to be in the limelight.

It would be quite weird evicting someone without a good enough reason.

Yes, the House will be quieter.

But we don’t need a bully.

Anyways, if ratings continue to drop, Big Brother will just have to come up with more interesting activities and tasks then.

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