Thursday, 12 June 2008


My current passion: reading Memoirs of a Geisha and watching Big Brother(9).

I normally try to catch the first night when they introduce Big Brother contestants to the BB House and then don’t follow up.

A bit the same as watching the audition episodes of X-Factor/Pop Idol/American Idol and then don’t follow up.

However, I feel that this year there is a good mix of BB contestants.

Immediately, I’m drawn to Mikey. I want Mikey to win. Sympathy vote? Initially perhaps but I think he is genuinely nice.

I think Kat is annoyingly-cute-interesting to watch too. Mario and Lisa are addictive to watch, esp they can be soooo childish as a couple, mind you they are 40+.

Initially, I wanted Luke to be out this week but as much as Steph is a bit of an eye candy, I want her out on Friday instead.

She looks ghastly without her make up. That’s why I always feel that one should not wear too much make up daily because when they don’t, they look ghastly. If one doesn’t normally wear make up and when they do, they look absolutely fabulous!

Side tracked.

Besides looking ghastly, she is too self centred (okay, I know that there are a few of the other contestants who bear the same characteristics, and may they be evicted one by one!), and many other reasons (that might not be rated G enough to rant about) that gives her a reason to be evicted on Friday night.

Next week, I want Alexandra out! I don’t care how quiet it will be after the bully leaves.

As for the rest of the housemates, they didn’t seem much watch-worthy after the first night. I’ve seen Mohamed during my last trip to Hamleys. There’s Darnell who is interestingly an albino of African-Caribbean heritage.

What’s going to happen next, I don’t know.

I’m trying to catch as much of the highlights as possible. And I’m trying to see how long I’ll last watching this every night for the next three months.

I’ve started reading Memoirs of a Geisha and I will write about my experience reading this book when I finish reading it.

For now, I can say I’m sacrificing some computer time so that I can be in bed by midnight to read until 130am. Less of Facebook and other computer related stuff. Apologies for not being able to tend to your ('Lil) Green Patch (I’m sooo loving this application, but must admit it’s getting a bit monotonous now).

TOH and AD wonder how I managed and come to work.

Boys, this is the reason I’m feeling tired now. The dimmed light above me is not helping either.

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