Friday, 13 June 2008


I’m sooo happy today.

Perhaps it’s Friday.

Perhaps the day has been busy but easy-relaxing.

Perhaps I’m finishing work soon. Less than two hours to go!

Perhaps I get to see TOH and spend another wonderful weekend with him.

Perhaps I finally get to see GB and his garden. I miss them both so much!

Perhaps I had made donations for my colleagues fundraising events. And I’m hoping to go to Suzanne’s zip slide across the Clyde next week. I know sounds so weird like I’m speaking about myself in third person.

When I communicate with her its like: Hi Suzanne, Suzanne here... blablabla... or Suzanne, blablabla... Regards, Suzanne.

Anyways... hopefully the timing is right so I can go support Suzanne and then hang about the area and then go see Bon Jovi concert. I still need to get tix for that.

Perhaps I spoke to a friend whom I have not spoken to for ages and it was really good to catch up.

Perhaps I’m planning ahead for our next holidays.

Perhaps I finally made the call to the driving school.

Perhaps I was chatting to Donald about gardening this weekend.

Perhaps I was talking to George about hiking/hillwalking, concerts and Glastonbury.

Perhaps I had a little dose of eye candy today.

Perhaps I had a little rant with the girls and then we gushed at Pete’s wedding pics and grilled him about his overseas wedding. Okay, so that’s where his/her/their family are from, Northern Ireland.

Perhaps I know it’s going to be a fantastic weekend even though it might be cold.

Perhaps I’m looking forward to the long hours on the bus where I can read Memoirs without distractions.

For whatever reason(s), it’s been a while since I feel so happy.

Why can’t everyday be like this?

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