Wednesday, 11 June 2008

six month APC meeting

Goodness gracious me! Time flies!

It’s the second week of June already! Six months into the new year!

I’m at my ninth month of my APC training.

I wanted to blog about my six month Supervisor and Counsellor meeting. I didn't got that done.

I wanted to blog about how to fill your diary.

I still haven’t got it done. @.@

Where has all the time gone? Everything seemed a whirlwind.

Things have been hectic in all aspect. Other times, I’m just too tired and drained. So pooped out. I don’t know why.

Then of course how can procrastination not get a mention???!!

Yes, it could well boil down to poor time management.

Yesterday evening I had almost an hour's nap.

Now, that is unheard of unless I’m really really tired.

I was in the second bedroom and the sun was shining through. I thought this is such a nice place to read in the evenings with the warmth of the sun.

I had a quick lie on the bed and the sun was in my eyes. So I closed it for a while, only to be knocked out dozing into dreamland.

Ah... bliss!


Anyways, I had my six month Supervisor and Counsellor meeting in April.

General comments are to organise something to ensure I carry out more training/work on pre-contract activities, and rotation in the company or the office to gain experience on other aspects.

Mainly I’m lacking training on –
~ T013 Construction Technology and Environmental Services, which I’m trying to attend as many lunch time technical presentation when possible and then write little reports on what I've learnt.

~ T074 Quantification and Costing of Construction Works. I have one project that is going through for approval on Friday which had some pre-contract work to do. And I will need to write my assessment on change notices as part of this competency in the diary

Thing is that we have an Estimating Team. They do all the pre- and post-contract quantification works. My job covers the cost control during the contract, assessment of payment application and assessment of change notices.

I will have to bug the Estimating Team to learn more. Not that I’m not bugging the main guy already...(>.<)

Luckily I will be starting some post-contract activities: assessing Final Accounts and all the associated paperwork for the stage sign off and handover to defects team.

I was supposed to write short reports on my experience on all my mandatory and technical competencies. It will be a record of my work that I have the experience of carrying out tasks meeting with the various levels of each competency.

I was supposed to have that or some done by end of May so that I can have a meeting with my Supervisor to sign it off.

Haven’t done that.

During the six month meeting, we also have a quick chat about the project I’m choosing for my critical analysis, what I’m going to scrutinise and write about, and how I’m going to write about it.

So far, no progress. @.@ T.T

So fail.

Oh well, I guess I have to get it all done by end of this month.

1. Diary: three months of work! So much to catch up!
2. Competencies report. Where do I start?!
3. Professional Development report. To record what I have learnt from each CPD event.
4. Draft on more information for my Critical Analysis Report.

I honestly must do more work and read less blogs!



Lucy said...

Hey, Its Lucy again. Ive been just as busy working and not having enough time for the APC, luckily ive not been asked to write small reports on each of the mandatory competencies.
Ive just got a question for you, are you on the Graduate route 2 (1 year) for the APC? the only reason i ask is that you are already thinking about your critical analysis. Also how many years have you now been working as a QS?
Hope to read an update soon probably later than sooner, and i don't blame you ;)

Suzanne said...

Hi Lucy. I'm on the Route 1. It's never too early to start thinking or planning, because we all slack along the way... somehow.

I've just been working as a QS in my current job (and training) for fourteen months now. I've had about two years working experience before I did my second degree.

How about yourself?