Monday, 5 January 2009

I’ve been struggling since morning. *Yawn yawn*.

Thankfully, I managed to get up and be at work around 8am, half an hour earlier than usual. But I had been yawning since I get in and all I feel is just lethargy.

Now, a bit of headache.

Psychological? Maybe.

Laziness? Definitely!

I know I know... I should be thankful.

I did get to work in one piece and safely. No train delays for me compared to some.

And more importantly, I have a job to go to. The grim economy and job market news throughout the holidays haven’t been at all encouraging.

So yes, I should be thankful for everything.

There's even the lovely blue sky out there, even though it is seriously cold.

Anyways, to those of you, like me has just got back to work, hang in there, it’s not long till home time.

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