Monday, 19 January 2009


I passed my driving test today! *beams*

*More beams*

Yes, you can imagine my joy.

Interestingly enough, besides the initially beaming, it just seemed... normal.

I’m not trying to be ungrateful, unemotional. I guess it is just me.

Meaning, it’s not much fun celebrating it alone, does it?

But, the amazing TOH will be taking us out for dinner to celebrate this weekend. And it is double celebration - me being a qualified driver and us, eighteen months together.

Back to my driving test...

Yes, I was nervous.

I had to remind myself not to think so much of the past, not to overanalyse all the things I should and should not do.

Heck, I have at least 10 years driving experience! But all this getting back to basics has really waver my confidence.

Luckily I did some driving when I was back in KL. In fact, a lot of driving. I’m not complaining, as it did make a significant difference.

I was really lucky today.

When I was going to work this morning, it was wet, grey and miserable. All I could think of is ‘I hope it will be dry and brighter’ and ‘no stress this morning’. I even had camomile tea for good measure!

Thankfully, by test time, it was dry, bright and I even caught some sunlight in my eyes.

Even luckier is that it snowed an hour after I reached home. Of which, if either rain or snow during my test would have meant I will need to reschedule my test!

Also, I had a really good examiner. He was kind, friendly and helpful. Put me at ease, especially the usual pressure you put on yourself to pass. He passed on good advice. Bless the man!

Bear in mind, I’m sure all of them are really nice.


I took longer than I should on the reverse parking. But I did it!

I received a minor point for speeding. Interestingly enough, my instructor always had to shout out for me to ‘ACCELERATE!’. When I realised to correct, it was a little too late. But I did it!

Whatever it was, I’m just so glad to have passed my exams!

One thing for sure, I won’t miss forking out lots of money to pay for my own lessons and tests. Where I learn it must have been not easy for mom to pay for the three of us to obtain our driving license in the past.

Thanks so much mom! xx

I know for sure I will miss my driving instructor, Jenny.

I remember the first time we met, she kinda barked at all my mistakes.

I suppose it was just me, not wanting to accept that I can be improved, that I’m that bad.

That evening and many evenings, I learnt a lot - not only about proper driving but also the many pointers that work the same for life too.

And as time passed by, Jenny did only what any nurturing teacher would do, wanting the best for their students.

And for that I’m always grateful. And her friendship as well.

So whilst I wait for the driving license to come through the post, I’ll just have to smile proudly and broadly at my Practical Driving Test Pass Certificate!


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