Monday, 5 January 2009


Before the end of 2008, at least five retail companies have announced that they were going into administration.

The high street old timer, Woolworths will close all of their stores after 99 years on close of play Tuesday, 6th January 2009.

I’m sure each one of us have been into a Woolies at one point or another in our lives – browsing, games / toys, sweets and chocolates, home ware, gardening items, Christmas, etc.

I was at their store just before Christmas, and a wave of sadness come over me. Although I don’t frequent Woolies as often as some, it is really sad to see a business of 99 years to just wrap up and go. The shelves bare from bargain hunters, the soul of the store just sucked all out.

The closure of 807 stores see the lost of 27,000 jobs.

Others who called in the administrator include:
Adams: Children / baby fashion
USC: Fashion
MFI: Furniture
Whittard: Tea and coffee shop
Zavvi: Music and games
The Officer’s Club: Fashion

A variety of businesses from other industries has also called in the administrators.

And today, the prestigious Waterford Wedgwood, china and ceramics firm, has announced that they are going into administration. This means that 10 companies within the group will go bust.

The Pound is really weak. With the Euros almost one to one with the Pounds.

On the high street, sales started before Christmas, traditionally saved for after Boxing Day.

Perhaps the only company enjoying this difficult time are the administrators.

Hopefully this will all end soon. We just need a miracle.

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