Friday, 30 January 2009!

Have you ever felt that you wished you had done something when you had the chance to do so?

It was Robert's last day.

He was the very first Project Manager I worked with. He was a good and patient teacher, often provided opportunities for me to learn, brought me along to sites to see the project, to learn more about my project, to provide an understanding of the numbers - the value of my projecet.

We explored the realms of project commercial management. And no matter how busy Robert was, he often have time for me - whether it was work or just about life in general.

Our little outing to sites, provided many opportunities for us to get to know each other - our lives, families, background, etc.

Like how active he was with the Boys Brigade, or that he and his pal swapped a suit outside of a company for the same interview and then returned the suit back to Marks & Spencer.

How he meets his sister once a year in Aberdeen for Christmas shopping, presents wrapping, exchange and she onto the ferry back to Shetland, and he into the car back to Glasgow.

How he explained to my why houses in the UK has a name and how they are used, just like another member of the family.

How he is the first person who told me that it is possible for a car to have 'cleavage'.

When Robert left his role as Project Manager back to the contractor side as Quality manager, we don't speak as much as we used to. Much less when he moved desk to the bottom of the room.

We still chat. Often, I do make a point to make time to have a chat to catch up.

I'll not forget once Robert said a lot of good things about my work performance. It was great getting good feedback - but I wasn't sure did the alcohol played a part in it or not.

Whichever way, it seems so suddent that Robert was leaving for pastures new. I suppose for one who is a big fan of attention, he didn't make big announcements. That is the kind of humble man that he is.

Looking back to earlier today, I wished I had given Robert a hug, rahter than a handshake.

A hug for being a good listener, the misunderstanding we had about 'red' and 'rape'.

A hug for being a patient teacher, and more importantly a friend.

Robert didn't have a farewell party / drinks or provided cakes to widen our already wide waistlines, instead he was really kind to make a donation to Water Aid for the amount he would have spent as a parting gift.

I thought that was more meaningful.

Although I did say what I wanted to say, my wishes and thanks to him; I wished I did get hiim a farewell / good luck card.

I wished I had given him my contact details.

But the industry is not as large as we imagine, so I'm sure we will cross paths again.

In the meantime, Robert, good luck and thanks for all the great times we had, for being a patient teacher who is generous in your time and knowledge. More importantly, thanks for being a great friend.

All the best, you'll be surely missed!

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