Saturday, 3 January 2009!

Yes, indeed we did it!

What? You say?

We completed sixty 40-minutes episodes of the Chinese series - The Drive of Life!!!

Probably in record time. At least, in our record time.

Interestingly, the series made so many references that you can learn a lot of things in life from manufacturing, to business, to even a pair of shoes!

Anyways, we spent nights watching episodes after episodes of the series just trying to complete it before mom and SA return to Malaysia.

I admit that it is not everyone's cup of tea and there can be so many other better stuff to do. Instead the main thing here is that we did it all together. Us crazy bunch of people.

I've done ten episodes (on Marriage of Inconvenience) on my own, and it is waaaaaaay more fun doing it with others.

We had a common goal.

Of course, the living room became a temporary sleeping ground. At one point there wasn't a reason to clear the temporary 'beds'.

Having to watch each CD (ten 40-minutes episodes), there were six CDs altogther in this series, from the night before until 7am the next day is not an easy feat.

In the end, it was a different way of spending time together. Now, we just have to find a super long series for our next family meet.

Thanks for the company y'all! xxx

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