Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Brighter days are coming soon.

Well, at least it was much brighter this morning. But it was really cold and icy.

Luckily I wasn't running late. It's so icy that even if you want to run, you don't dare to.

The roads and pavements were not gritted. I think nobody expected it to be so icy.

Unfortuntately, this morning, yours truly had to slip and fall just after crossing a very busy main road. I haven't even step on the pavement yet, and fell on my right knee. I quickly got up and kept walking, don't even dare look at the cars in a queue behind me. At least, they were on the other side and there was no cars on my side of the road.

How embarrassing! Luckily there wasn't anything else on show since I was wearing a skirt.

But, man was it painful!

I suppose, if you are going to fall, you just have to fall.

Oh well... Nice day today but not going to be nice weather from tomorrow onwards.

Come on drier days!

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