Friday, 11 July 2008


Lorna Cooper wrote an article on 'Why BB9 is the Nastiest Ever'.

It has indeed been quite a roller coaster of emotions, bickering, bitching, arguing, more arguing and constant arguing ride in the BB House.

I haven’t been in a good mood lately so I missed my two pence worth last week.

I finally caught up watching the episode where and why Dennis got removed.

The dude (or not really dude) is quite a character. Like he can’t really speak properly to people so he repeats himself, many times and normally people just ignore him and then he just explodes.

On his last day there he was repeating the word 'creep' again and again and everyone else around him just ignore. It’s the same as once he said to
Mo to 'leave me alone'. Yes, he said that phrase again and again and again AND again. But Mo just continued talking to him above his broken record repetitions.

Last week it Jen and Rex was up for nominations.

I did say before that
I wanted Rex and Dennis up for nomination. But Dennis was removed and I wasn’t so sure any more if I wanted Rex to go.

During her last week, Jen had been quite a pain in the you know where.

And I think partly of Dennis’ outburst unacceptable behaviour was due to Jen playing up making a big fuss about her painting was smudged by Rex.

He apologised for his stupidity silliness but she went on and on and on and on about the issue for what seemed like forever.

In the end, as much as I don’t really like Rex, I’m glad Jen went.

Then the BB people brought in three new housemates – Belinda, Maysoon and Sara.

I was and still kinda iffy about them.

So far Belinda has also been quite a character I’m not surprise she will be up for nomination next week. Seems like a nice lady but OMG her snoring is just beyond this world!!!

Now. This week Mario is up for nomination again. As much as he has been quite a pain and I think he is getting bored with the Housemates and the politics involved, I’m not surprise he can’t wait to get out of the House or call it quits.

But between Mario and
Bex who is up for eviction, I honestly prefer Bex to go.

Yes, yes, I know she and Luke kissed and that would prolly be a really good reason not for her to be evicted because people want to see more of the blossoming relationship.

Bex can be a fun person but I think the House and Housemates is getting to her. At times she seemed like a bully.

Unless Mario and Lisa come up with something really exciting before the voting lines close tonight, I have a very strong feeling that it would be byebye Mario.

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