Tuesday, 1 July 2008



Emailed the PIC (person in charge) yesterday regarding an upcoming event.

ennazus: Hi, can you please put so-and-so and myself down for this-particular-event on this-particular-date, please?
PIC (in her close to exact words): Who told you about the particular-event on the-particular-date, as this hasn’t been confirmed yet, when all the details are sorted and we advertised this, can you please send me your name again please.
ennazus: OK, just saw them on the intranet that’s all.

Honestly, I should have attached the flyer to her. Still, 'who told you...?', when it was already posted on the intranet.

Whoever had put it on the intranet, I wonder was it intended for people to read and take action?

How can the respective PICs not know about it?



Never ever lie back down and start dreaming...

It is good.

Only thing is that more often than not you will over sleep.

Too bad you were not there with me...


Late to work early to leave. What a life some people have.

Not looking forward to two events this evening.

Dentist. Driving lessons.

I believe I have two or is it three fillings on my left to do today(?).

Imagine numbed on the left side of my face. I think it would be from the jaw line up to just below my eye socket. Eeeww... just thinking about it sends a weird shiver down my spine.

I love driving and I think I’m a relatively good driver but my first lesson didn’t leave me with a good taste in my mouth.

It won’t be that bad tonight. I can only but hope.

At least I’m looking forward to hanging out with TS for one of our ‘overanalysing’ sessions.

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