Friday, 25 July 2008


I’m so shattered.

The accumulated lack of sleep and endless thoughts playing in me heid is taking its toll.

What a week it has been and a good consolation is having people around to talk to about. Amazing how helpful it can be.

Interestingly, I don’t really know how to put in on paper or on blog but I need to get it out of the system, else, I know it will drain me. Have to find a way to express it.

Last night, was out with the guys again. Didn’t blog about our previous outing but we went to the Italian Café at the Merchant City again last month. I do like the Italian Café and then we headed off to Scotia for live music.

Yesterday, we went to Ad Lib, located in the Merchant City as well.

I had a quick browse of the website yesterday and the food sounds great. Was very happy that there is an American food restaurant which is not your usual chain, thought I had a glimmer of hope for alternatives.

Alas! The food was only OK. ONLY, because the menu featured really appetising food but the taste was so so. The gang wasn’t impressed and it was a pity, poor Iain who arranged it had a bit bad feedback.

We then headed off to Scotia again to listen to the live band and shared banters.

This outing was kinda a leaving do for Rob and Tibault. They will both be missed.

This week I had missed quite a lot of Big Brother action.

But Daryl, Mo and Bex are up for eviction. I think Daryl will go tonight.

Anyways, I liked this week's 'Test of Time' task. Roomful of so many different clocks! How interesting!!!

As I said, I’m so tired. Am looking forward to getting on the bus and zonk out.

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