Monday, 21 July 2008


It’s supposed to be my birthday.

But so far nothing interesting has happened. Perhaps it is only 10am.

Had a few birthday wishes - a handful to be exact. Either people have forgotten or it doesn’t really matter.

Does sound like I’m a bit discouraged.

I was saying the other day that I love birthdays and like getting older because I age well. Hehehe. . . [(>.<)]

I suppose it is easy when you accept that it is part of life.

Another year under the belt is often a very reflective time in one’s life.

I’m happy for what I’ve achieved and have, and I learnt from a lot of my experiences, though, I’m not going to profess that I’ve perfected my lessons learnt either.

I supposed to me, birthdays are about celebration. And since I haven’t had a proper celebration in the past few years, I felt as if I’ve not aged at all.

I remember the birthday parties we used to have. The gathering of friends, mainly classmates/schoolmates. And the birthday cake trend we have in the family!

For many years we had Black Forest Cake, which is still my all time favourite! And then for many years after that we had Blueberry Cake.

The buzz of the preparations and having so many people around for a birthday party was great. I won’t deny that I love being surrounded by my friends and all the generous presents received.

One year, I think it was my 16th birthday party, mom cooked curry chicken as one of the dishes for my birthday party. Unfortunately she over-provided the amount and after the party we still had a lot left. We had curry chicken almost everyday for a week!

Looking back, it was a really funny incident.

Pastor Tony once said that ‘once you reached 21 years of age all the (physical) aches and pains will appear’. True to word, I won’t deny I haven’t had my fair share of those aches and pains.

Old age? I guess not!

As we grow older and as many of us end up scattered around the world, busy with our own life, birthdays sadly, seems to be just another day. I guess it is enjoy it while you can.

I don’t know what the future (or the future of birthdays) is going to be, but in the meantime I’ll just enjoy it as it comes.

So, this is my reflection on birthdays. Another year older and I can only hope for good health and lots of happiness.

I had a great time with TOH over the weekend. We had dinner at Sarti and I received presents from him.

My favourite part of the weekend was rolling down a hill! It was silly but I had so much fun!! And I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for all these years!!! I was very tempted to do it again but I was wearing sleeveless and was afraid of allergic reaction from the grass, which I did had a little (not sure if it was psychological or not).

Anyways, a great thank you to you who remembered and sent me birthday wishes and cards. Your kind gesture has brightened up my day!!

My life is brilliant
My life is full


SueAnn said...

awwh. didn't know it was your birthday then. Happy Belated Birthday anyhow!!! Hope it isn't too late to say so. :)

Suzanne said...

Thanks SueAnn!