Friday, 18 July 2008


Been on a wild goose chase earlier during lunchtime trying to bank in some money into HSBC.

Was raging trying to find the bank.

I admit it was my own fault that I didn’t have a good check of the place before I went, poor planning, and Google Maps on the mobile didn’t gave me the right info either.

The mobile internet provided wrong/un-updated info. Only saving grace was that I managed to call the branch and not their International Call Centre in Malaysia!

I supposed it is no fault of HSBC but I think enough is enough.

I’ve managed to avoid any increase in blood pressure banking with them. But for ‘The World’s Local Bank’ they are not the most convenience so to say.

I’m thankful that there has been at least one branch in every city. And I’m glad that their internet banking is sufficiently reasonable.

But beyond that, it is a hassle trying to find a branch and do a face to face banking.

I suppose in this day and age of internet banking, you can do everything online: setting up direct debit/standing order, payment, transfer, loans, etc etc.

If you want to know want to speak to someone, you have to call their call centre. That, would be another rant altogether.

Other than that, trying to bank in cash or cheque would be a hassle locating a branch.

Besides the brand, I don’t see any point of me staying them anymore.

I’ve been proud of the brand in the past as HSBC exudes prestige. I WAS proud to have been associated with the brand and was silly to be happy when I managed to open an Advantage account with them in KL and then an International Student account with them in the UK.

Other than that, not like they have the best rates around, because they don’t.

My initial plans of opening a HSBC account was I thought that it would make inter-bank transfer easier, believing that you can link up all your account worldwide and just do an internet transfer. But I was wrong.

Not only you can’t link them up whatsoever, bank transfer is more expensive than others available.

As one part of The Big Five (banks), they are reputable to have the highest charges and least consumer trust as well, or perhaps maybe not HSBC.

Banking is about what the bank can give you. And so far it seems only me that has been giving them my money to invest. I honestly can't see what's the point of me continuing banking with them.

But the time has come and enough is enough. I’m not going to give them anymore of my business/money. Not here not anywhere. I’m going to close my accounts and move on.

I’m fed up banking with HSBC.

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