Thursday, 31 July 2008


What’s wrong with men?

When you are nice to them they think that you are interested in them, you want to go out with them.

And that is how we typically are, just plain nice.


Out on site recently...

PMDebbie: Oh, look at the cows sitting in the field. They must be tired.
ennazus: Tired from what? Eating and walking about?!


Didn’t realise until recently that this huge tree in front of my window is a cherry tree and I just thought it was a blossoming tree during early spring.

ennazus: Did you know that this huge tree is a cherry tree.
TOH: I don’t think the berries are edible.
ennazus: What about those cherry trees in front of the houses in the new estate?
TOH: I don’t think they are edible also.
ennazus: But I was hoping to pluck and eat them when they are bigger.
TOH: I think they are berries for the birds.
ennazus: But I’m a bird. I’m your bird, am I not?
TOH: -__-"

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suemae said...

looking at the tree itself, the dark bark and light flowers of the season show it is a cherry tree. I can only be certain if I had a closer look at the blooms, but I think it is a sakura tree... now, multiply them in NUMBERS and you will have a Japanese spring sight!