Thursday, 17 July 2008


Big Brother Big Brother Big Brother.

My patience and concentration is waning.

I set out watching BB9 with the aim to follow as much as the programme as possible. The first night left me with the thought ‘this year’s BB is going to be good because there is an interesting mix of people’.

Knowing that the foursome had failed the first week’s task, I was looking forward for Luke to go. Prolly is the gossiper in him. Prolly he is such a back stabber. The only thing I like is that he is very animated in the diary room. It would be good for him to stay a little longer. But not to win.

Then the incessant shouting, argument and bullying started.


People watch these programmes to be entertained. If we want arguments we would have go and done it ourselves and not vegetate in front of the telly.

So housemates all come, one by one go – through eviction and removal, more housemate come, more housemates go, and even more housemates come.

This series must be the series with the most removed housemates.

Tomorrow night the fifth person will be evicted. It is a battle between Belinda Belinda Belinda and Rex-who-is-so-happy-to-be-nominated-again.

I supposed he genuinely wants to get out of there.

It is kinda hard to decide and I’m still not too sure.

If Rex doesn’t get voted out this week, I think the sequence for who I want out would be Rex, Bex, Daryl, Mo and Sara.

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