Wednesday, 2 July 2008



Last weekend TOH and I went to catch Wanted at Vue.

It was a fantastic movie. To sum it up, the movie lived up to the trailer and beyond. So you can imagine how impressed I am with it.

Highly recommended movie!

However, it was a bit on the gory side. At one point I must be so relaxed (or otherwise) that I let out a squeal.

Yup, it was me! If you were in Aberdeen Vue for last Saturday evening show, apologies for that wee high-pitched-out-of-place-attention-distraction-squeal.

*OMG slap own forehead moment*

I honestly can’t remember which part that I had everyone’s attention. It could have been a gory part or a part that I got a bit of a scare/shock.

As embarrassing as it was, it was indeed a fantastic movie, even though there are some goof bits that just don’t make sense or not developed fully.

Aaand... Morgan Freeman should never ever ever never ever swear. So so WRONG!!!

Sex and The City

Since my initial fail attempt to watch it completely, I had to go back to watch it again, about four weeks back.

Only a SATC fan will know why it is important to watch it more than once, especially what had happened at the initial attempt.

Definitely a girly lovey movie with lots of laughs and some tear shed, quite an unexpected ending for one of the girls.

I heart it!

I just need to get the movie on DVD. Too bad I still haven’t got the complete series in a shoebox and now it is not on sale anymore!


Who can blame the retailers now that the movie is out, it would be more profitable to sell the series in individual seasons.

Just have to get it off eBay then.


I have a kind of thirst for watching art film. And since it was premiered at the Sundance festival (and many other film festivals) and has been raved about, I thought why not have a watch at it.

However, throughout majority of the movie, I’m thinking to myself ‘me and my stupid art films’.

If you haven’t heard or watch Teeth, it is about a girl who has vagina dentata.

Genre? Sexual horror.

Verdict? Weird (it was art film after all!!!), slow, kinda boring, some stupidly funny bits, and some laughable bits. And since it is a sexual horror, obviously there are parts that provided the horrific element.

Score points for art film but probably a bit of a waste of time. Still at least it was an experience.

Definitely not a date movie.


In a bid to justify (and satisfy) why I need to subscribe to Unlimited, I caught 'Teeth' two weeks back.

I’ve decided that I can catch a movie on the Fridays while waiting for TOH to come into Glasgow. After all, there is this huge 16 screen Cineworld right opposite Buchanan Street Bus Station. And if I’m hard up enough, I can also catch a movie after seeing TOH off on Sundays. That means that I can catch four movies in a month if I really want to whether repeats or not.

Since there are quite a number of good movies coming up this summer and hopefully in future, I think I will subscribe to Unlimited. Two full price tickets a month are all it takes to satisfy the subscription. So much for trying to save money.

Will be trying to catch Kung Fu Panda, Mama Mia! The Movie, The Edge of Love, Hancock...

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