Monday, 18 February 2008


What’s yours is mine, What's mine is mine.

Not allowed.Why?Because I said so.

Every relationship should go by the above rules. Bear in mind, the ownership of the rules is the female party of the relationship.

Most sensible men know that.

For example, buying a house: if the woman said no, the man has to go with it. However, if the woman says yes, the man can’t afford, then it is a no. Even if the man can’t afford but the woman wants it exceptionally much and the man sort of want it (at least he must sort of want it), they will still get the property. But the woman will make the main decision. You’ve got to watch enough of Relocation, Relocation; Property Ladder; Grand Design; or any property related programme to see this reoccurring pattern.

I’m glad that TOH understands that - only oh too well.

But it doesn’t mean that he is always being pushed over by me. He just gives in most of the time. And most men do that so that they don’t get into too much hassle - a wise move on the male species. Most importantly TOH loves me, and I think the rules isn’t really too too bad.

There are times that TOH also just put his feet down and say no to my whims and fancies. And it works the same, because I love him too. Okay, there will be some resistance, as usual trying to get my way. But I know when a no should be a no, as well.

To summarise it, it is actually all about compromising.

And when you love someone enough, you will do whatever you can to make them happy, more so, to make the relationship work. However, this does not mean that you neglect your principles or even voicing your opinion.

Even if you don’t make a conscious change, I find it very interesting that we subconsciously make subtle changes, subconsciously, unknown to ourselves, things that probably, someone else will notice.

It is through compromise and good communication on both our part, the past six months went by a breeze. It always amazes the both of us that we only been together for six months because it feels much more than that. Maybe because we understand each other so well, more so, I believe it is because we give and take. He gives a lot and I take plenty. >.< ^_^

To my darling, Happy Six Month Anniversary! I’m so glad to have you in my life. With lots of love. xx

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