Sunday, 3 February 2008


TOH and I were talking about dogs/puppies name. And then it suddenly dawned on me, Boo, as in 'Me and You and the Dog Named Boo'.

I can't believed that TOH has never heard of Lobo.

So I You Tube-ed it and found a good remix of this song, with a really nice video.

I remembered when we were much much younger, we always listen to songs from Lobo (as well as others from that era) on long distance journeys.

I think we were quite articulated on popular songs that our parents listen to that time, even though we were around two to four years old.

*sigh* Memories.

Then I clicked on the song 'How Can I Tell Her' and OMG, I now reliased what the song was about. I was like WHAT?!!!

Oh well... Anyways, just a snippet of childhood... Lobo...

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