Wednesday, 27 February 2008


This month seems like it had been a rather hectic month.

I guess it actually gone all bonkers during my monthly reporting cycle. Thought by now, six months on, I would have grasped the numbers or idea better. Which, in all fairness, I believe I did.

It has been a slow progress but every month I know I'm picking up things and learning things on my own.

However, this month there seemed to be grief thrown at me: being bombarded with questions of why and moaning about why I'm being busy with my own company.

Obviously I will get defensive of my company. It is no surprise that I will be defensive of my work as well. It is unfair that if I had no guidance and then have my work criticised by the very same person who is supposed to be there to support me in the first place. @_@

Sadly, that is of life. You just have to not let things get too personal and carry on swimming. Be flexible.

I think besides that and the emotional issues attached to that, other work stuff has been hectic as well. Am just annoyed with myself that I have not been on top of my APC training, especially APC diary.

Okay, I did attended a number of CPD events this month, and I need to do a write up on each of it as well. Greeeat...

It's almost end of the month and I don't even have quarter of the diary filled. APC is really hard work. And I wish I am able to put in more work to it as well.

By the end of the six month APC training, I will need to have completed my diary, researched and drafted out my critical analysis project, completed some write up or short reports on all my Level one mandatory competencies. Goodness!!!

Where am I going to find the time and strength?

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