Sunday, 17 February 2008

Friday 15th February 2008

0430 Crawled Jumped out of bed, jumped into shower.

0525 Just finished getting ready and the taxi is already here! Five minutes early. Luckily I was ready. Phew!

0545 Lost somewhere in Govan because local taxi driver (from the West End) not familiar with Govan. Found AD and on way to Glasgow airport.

0600 Blink of an eye, we were at airport. So near. Well, sort of.

0610 Checked in at one of those self check-in machines - still had to go to the check-in counter to obtain our boarding pass because we don’t have the credit card that booked the tickets.

0620 Had breakfast. AD paid. We were going to claim under expenses anyways.

0630 Sauntered to the boarding gate. Only to be told that the flight is delayed a few minutes. Turn out the plane needed a shower/hose down/application of something(??), I don’t know.

Quite a dinky little plane, flight wasn’t too busy but you know that everyone on the flight was flying for business.

0840 Flight arrived on time in London City Airport. Whilst in the air, AD commented: ‘two breakfast before 8am?!’. But it was good, of course.

0900 Travelled into London City Centre. Line Manager called to ask a few questions because it was the Big Guy review day, which I normally attend but have to skip this time. Felt so business-like.

0940 Arrived at Chancery Lane Station. The mothership parent office is just a stone throw from the station. So we decided to go for a wander around the area.

I’ve never really been around this area and was very impressed with the buildings. Within the area are Lincoln’s Inn, London School of Economics, and the Court of Justice. Legal area plus it is London, so you can imagine the ‘poshness’ of it. We said that the company must be really doing well being in this area. And of course it is!

1020 Headed to parent office. Got lost. Newsagent didn’t give good directions either.

1040 Finally arrived in office. Luckily we were on time. Hang about and catch up with Karen who flew in from Edinburgh.

1100 Corporate Induction started.

1245 Lunch break. Must say that food spread was really good, fine finger food in the room next door. Posh-est finger food I’ve tried. Good to mingle around and spoke to people who are from sectors all over the UK.

1400 Events of the day resumed. Karen and I missed the grand tour of the office because we went to the ladies/ busy chatting with someone/ there was no announcement of tour. It wasn’t in the agenda initially. Still... Kick kick. @_@

1605 Agenda for the day finished. Stayed for a wee chat with people from the London office, after that, the Scotland team headed off to the nearest pub. Typical Scottish! I bought a round of drinks - note to self: expenses. Then we headed off to the airport.

1710 Arrived at airport and headed straight to departure lounge since all of us had checked-in in the morning, the joys of flying out and returning on the same day. Of course we all continued to have more drinks. Met up with people from Edinburgh office whose flight was delayed.

Someone from the Edinburgh group said that our flight was delayed as well. Bummer! And I had a train to catch going up north. But then just before the flight was due, I saw the nearest gate screen that our flight was boarding. Sheeshh. There were four of us within the company on this flight, so we downed our drinks. Luckily our gate was just beside the lounge. Thank God!!! It was also final call for the flight.

1820 Flight finally took off. Still feeling very lucky. Had dinner on flight, the joys of BA flight, not budget airline - best of all, it’s all paid for.

2005 Arrived in Glasgow and headed to taxi rank. Dropped AD and then me.

2108 Waited for bus since 2055. No sight of bus. Should have asked the taxi driver to wait while I ran up to my flat and grab my bag. Feeling very jittery as bus was delayed and I still had to walk to the train station. Panic settling in.

2142 Thank God, managed to catch the train with few minutes to spare - ran all the way to the station. Train was empty, probably because it was the last train out, couldn’t sleep on the train.

0020 Arrived Aberdeen, feeling extremely relieved and exhausted. It’s been a long day indeed.

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