Friday, 22 February 2008

hanging out

Last night was a really different night from the norm.

I was supposed to meet up with Sabrina for Japanese food. We were going to give Nanakusa on Sauchiehall Street a try.

However, mid day, Sabrina emailed me to tell me change of plans.

We were going to her friend’s place for dinner. Being one who is easily pleased, I just tagged along. After all, it would be good to meet new people and see new faces, at the same time catch up with Sabrina.

I don’t really know many people in Glasgow (or at least I thought), even more so hang out with anyone.

Besides my workmates colleagues, I hardly speak to anyone else. Such is of life.

Anyways, I was introduced to three other Malaysians. It was interesting that it was a case of ‘six degrees of separation’ - the person knows someone who knows you or knows someone who knows someone who knows you. You get the idea.

For years while abroad, I don’t really hang out much with Malaysians, those I hang out with a the really selected few. There are just too many reasons, excuses, experience and past that probably contributed to it.

Anyhow, I was glad to have been invited to hang out with them.

We both girls were ‘pampered’ by the three guys. One, who lived in this really nice flat in Merchant City, who was hosting the dinner, did all the cooking. And another was busy jaaam cha tai sui (literally pouring tea and bringing water), making sure we were comfy.

Sabrina and I can’t help feeling a wee bit guilty but since the boys have it under control we just catch up.

Dinner was amazing! We had wonton noodles served with pak choy, char siew (honey roast pork) and wonton (dumplings) in soup. All homemade! Okay, just the char siew and wonton...

Nonetheless it was yummy!!!

After that, we had red bean soup (dessert) with stuffed glutinous rice balls!

What a wonderful cook!

It was interesting learning about others. I know it is called networking. But I think it was probably the common thing we share that made the night a really good one, us all being Malaysians.

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