Thursday, 14 February 2008


Today has been a rather hectic day for me. So it is no surprise that I am enjoying a nice and quiet evening at home.

The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service was on site today and I’ve signed up to give blood.

Donating blood has been an ongoing thing for me, especially during my college years. It does make a big difference that the people in charge at TARC makes an effort to organise the event at least three times a year.

After my college days, I believe I did go to the blood bank once on Jalan Tun Razak, which, by the way, was quite an impressive place, at least at that time, not too sure its condition now.

The last time I gave blood in Malaysia was my last trip back in 2006.

Anyways, I’ve always wanted to donate blood in the UK but it just hasn’t happen, until today.

The SNBTS came to our office site in a modified bus.

I think it is very impressive, inside. It even has hydraulics doors! Yeah.. I know.. -_-

Anyways in is amazing how they managed to cram in a sitting area, registration area, consulting area, wee kitchen, four beds and even an analysing station in this bus!

The whole experience was more or less the same.

There were some differences, such as.

Registration: they print out a form for you with your particulars and you have to complete the forms, ticking boxes mainly. If you are a first time donor, you are given a very informative Donor Information Leaflet to read, lagi impressed!

Consultation: this is where you have a wee chat with the Sister where she check if you are qualified to give blood. My consultation took a little longer than the rest because she had to find out if someone with a Dengue Fever history can donate or not. Unlike in Malaysia, they didn’t test and tell you your blood type or give you a booklet if you are first time donor.

Giving blood: This process was very straightforward. Only difference is that there was an additional pouch for taking blood samples on top of all the test tubes samples they are already taking. If only all this were explained. Okay, not like they explain in Malaysia either.

There wasn’t much difference in the refreshment I suppose.

I was informed that in a few weeks time I will receive my donor card in the post and to bring this card the next time I donate.

Many people don’t realise how important it is to give blood. For those who are able to give, many are put off with the needles, citing that they are afraid of needles. This should not be an excuse. Giving blood save lives.

I was browsing the SNBTS website and found a wee article about B negative donor. Some interesting facts from it:

#1. In Japan blood group analysis has almost become a national obsession. Blood type is thought to lend insight into character and compatibility, and every morning on the news the day is graded according to luck for each blood type!

#2: Group B (blood type) people are ambitious and have a positive outlook on life. Erhem, erhem… *cough cough*

#3. Group B’s are particularly likely to be millionaires. We shall wait and see..

The Curry night went well and I won one of the raffle prize - more bath products. We raised £1,038 that night!

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