Friday, 1 February 2008


Got sent home early yesterday.

The Commercial Manager came and gave me a fright, just because I was busy full of concentration scrutinising a printed receipe. (Yaaayaaa... work...)

Anyways, it was reported that the weather was going to be bad, so CM said that if I have nothing urgent to finish, then I should go home because the roads and public transport will be chaotic.

So I packed and headed to the train station.

The usual eight minutes walk to the station proved difficult. The gales blowing from behind was so strong that I 'floated' a few steps every now and then on my journey to the station.

Thank God the train did come. I was afraid that the trains would have been cancelled.

Running errands proved to be a bad decision. A very very bad decision.

I went to the optician to request for the account to be transferred from Aberdeen to Glasgow, another reason is that I've ran out of contact lenses many weeks back.

Just before leaving the optician into the outside, I heard on the radio that the gales were going to be 80mph. Great...

Stepping out of the optician, the wind was strong and hitting hard, my forehead was sore from the cold. Stubbornly I push on. I had to go to the library to return some books.

In my mind... This is a bad idea... I should have gone home straight.

But my books were due that day!

To make matters worst, somebody had to go to the supermarket.

Yup... Stubborn.

Don't worry, I made home safely.

Luckily the wind today was not as bad. But it was indeed a scary experience.

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