Monday, 25 February 2008


I’m not the kind who make New Year’s resolution.

There are things that I will think of as the days come and go but generally, I don’t sit down or spend time think about what I want to do in the year.

Perhaps I really should. Apparently, by doing so will have a bigger chance of us keeping to our resolution(s).

Being one who believes in carpe diem, I try as much to practice it.

So this year, I set out with the resolution to continuously seize the day. And among it, is not to deprive myself an opportunity to win the lottery.

Okay, it does sound kinda shallow.

I don’t really believe in the lottery but for the sake of fun and opportunity, I’m giving it a try. After all, if I lose, it is just a quid and it goes to charity.

Eight weeks into the new year and ‘investing’ when I remember or feel-like-it, TOH and I won a teeny sum last week. Although not a lot, it does show you that in a game of chance, there is a possibility.

Nonetheless, I can’t help playing the image of one Hong Kong Cantonese movie series ‘It’s a Mad Mad World’ in my mind, when knowing I matched four out of the six numbers.

It’s silly, I know.

The movie series was really funny though.

Unfortunately, I found out that both the main characters has passed away, and more recently Lydia Shum who played the matriarch in the movie, has just passed away days earlier.

Can’t help feeling that there is such a loss in the HK and Cantonese entertainment industry. She was a talented actress and I love her always happy outlook/attitude.

At least, her legacy remains.

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