Wednesday, 6 February 2008


What a boring day!

What a rushing day!

Had progress meeting on site this morning. I honestly think that having five projects meeting at one go is really hard going.

Why can’t people just keep it short and simple?


Anyways, at least it was a beautiful day.

Greenock, taken from the site.

Had McDonalds for lunch - I was starving and my PM needed his coffee fix and lunch of course.

It seemed like ages ago since I had McDonalds. I normally have a Fillet-O-Fish and Chicken Nuggets. I know it seemed a lot but have you seen the portion size?

It must have shrunk through the years or my stomach have grown. Let’s stick with the ‘it must have shrunk...’.

I had the Wednesday Deli special - pork melt sandwich. I was very impressed that you can choose white or brown bread, with or without salad and with or without cheese.

I’m not denying that it defeats the whole healthier option if you go for the meal: with fries and Coke, doesn’t matter whether it was a medium or large. The burger was relatively nice. Relatively.

Anywaaays... McDonalds around the country, or rather in Scotland has been going through a revamp-refurbishment.

It has a very contemporary look now. I supposed it is a much needed update.

As much as I love McDonalds, I hardly patronise the place because, one, thank goodness it is not anywhere near me. Two, I try my best to eat at home. Three, pub food is heartier for about the same price, just about. Four, McDonalds has seemed to become a hang out place for neds or rather (as well as) youngsters.

I think it is terrible that many are afraid of, what I was told ‘these little sh*ts’. But sadly that is life.

Anyways, I’m glad for the uplift. Now, please bring back decent sized burgers!!!

Because the meeting was dragged on for waaay too long, when I reached back to the office, I had only half an hour to check my mails, show face and then off to the company’s office in town for my monthly APC meeting.

Funnily (or rather not really that funnily), I was the only person who turned up for the meeting. Was a bit cheesed off that the person in charge did not cancel the meeting. So I made my time worth, after being made waiting for 20 minutes, by speaking all I can, just to make the whole trip worth it.

Was a bit fuming. Just a very very itsy bitsy fuming. Actually was more tired than fuming. Maybe a bit annoyed.

So I talk and talk and talk and talk and talk (yes, yes, I know you get the point), until I felt that there is no point in talking, which in reality wasn’t as long as I wished it would’ve been.

Wanted to go to this new Japanese restaurant on Sauchiehall Street, Nanakusa for a treat but was early, the staff were having their dinner, and I didn’t felt like eating so early. So I gave it a miss, this time.

Went window shopping around town.

And can you believe it? - I was so so so so damnblardie bored.

Hang about in Borders for a while but couldn’t stand it so I went home and rot there instead.


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