Thursday, 14 February 2008

valentine's day 2008

I’ve mentioned time and again, important dates/days to me are birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

V-day should not be the only day one declares their love to another, as love should be celebrated everyday. But V-day can be a day to make an effort to do something a little more than usual.

It don’t have to be a day that couples have to go for fancy dinner, or lavish each other with expensive gift(s), I believe it should be a day to reflect on what the other half meant to you.

I don’t deny that I hate the commercialism behind V-day.

However, being Asian and a sucker for packaging and marketing, I can’t help going to shops ooohing and aaahhing at all V-day’s paraphernalia.

Just in case why I included Asian in that sentence, it’s because through TS’s observation that Asians are a sucker for packaging, which is rather true: think fancy stationeries, nice packaging, free gifts in fancy packaging, etc.

As much as V-day seemed to be geared towards couples, it can also be a day to celebrate friends: have a party, stay in at home for a girlie movie(s) or pampering night, etc. And if you want to celebrate singles day, you can also do it on V-Day however, it seems that 15th February is Singles Day.

Anyways, I won’t be doing much this V-Day. Nice quiet evening at home. No rushing through inflated-price-and-not-necessary-up-to-usual-standard meals, which they glare at you to hurry you up so that they can have faster table turnaround dinner.

I will be in the office for a Charity Curry Night. At least, we will be fund raising for a good cause.

TOH and I had a fantastic dinner last weekend. Although we are miles apart, there is the phone where we will have our nightly conversations.

Whichever way you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, hope it is a good one!

Thanks babes for being my other half. You know always how happy and lucky I feel about having each other.

And thanks for the unexpected beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Lots love. xx

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