Sunday, 10 February 2008

one hundred

We went to the driving range on Saturday. Woohooo!

Initially, one hundred balls each sounds like a good idea.

The last time we shared one hundred balls between the both of us. It seemed so fast for them to vanish.

This time, it felt a bit toooo long.

Fifty balls costs £3.00 at Kings Links Golf Centre and Driving Range. One hundred balls costs £5.50.

Since we had two lot of hundred balls, we get two bays on the range.

Compared to my first trip to the driving range, I think I did slightly poorer compared to then. Was a bit disappointed with myself.

However, it was a beautiful day.

I almost hit a wee boy with my straying shot. He stepped out of the bay onto the whatever-is-the-name-of-that-place, and the ball just flew past him. I was shocked! Thank God the ball didn't hit him. Nonetheless it was frightening.

The little buggy was out at one point, going about picking up the golf balls.

It was funny. We were on the far left bays. When the buggy was reaching the far left, you can see golf balls from the far right flying across towards the buggy. I can't help laughing there.

It is so true that everyone aims for the buggy.

The guy behind the wheel must love his job.

The wee boy's brother said that he wants to hit the buggy.


Anyways, golf is such an intriguing sport.

Looks easy but later you realised the existance of muscles you never thought you had.

Yes, I'm aching all over again. But not as bad as the last time-ish. I think I didn't sleep properly on Saturday night and my right shoulder is aching rather badly. I just hope I didn't injured myself.

Just spoke to TOH a while ago. I think we should get fifty balls each. Or, with my kiasu-ness, we shall get a hundred balls and share, and hog two bays unless someone comes along.

And then we go to Codonas Pirate Island Adventure Golf for putting 'lessons'. And then go and play that coin pushing game...

I need to get professional golf lessons soon!

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