Monday, 4 February 2008


The past will haunt you.

Sadly, I’m feeling that right now.

The past. At that point in time, I believed that I did and said the right thing. After all, there is only so much I can do. And I did all that I could have done. And possibly exceeded more than what others would have done (I liked to think so).

Perhaps, I did do something more than I could have done. And that one thing condemns me.

I had no choice. Yes, I’m sure I had a choice. And I chose to do what I did.

Still I was condemned.

Although that incident has been shelved and left in the cupboard, like they say ‘the past will haunt you’.

The present. It is interesting that we let things like this, incidences, the past, whatever, hang above our head.

It is appalling that we let things like this govern our lives.

No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.

To have the past controlling our present and future is just unacceptable! O_o

I have let this got out of hand. It has been hanging above my head the whole day. It is consuming me from inside. I'm feeling the pull and strain at the back of my neck. It has now developed into a headache.

It is out of hand. I’m stressed. Totally unacceptable!

There is so much I can do.

And there is no point in getting stressed about.

I do what I can do.

The past will haunt you.

And the only way that it doesn’t haunt you is to take control of it and NOT let it preside over your life - the present and future.


suemae said...

Jump on the nearest wildest roller-coaster you can find and just scream it all out. Instant relief for me. The fun will stick in you for a while and whatever seems to pull you down might not seem to matter that much any more. It works for me...

Suzanne said...

Thanks. Need to find roller coaster first!

In mean time feeling mucho better. TOH and TS to the rescue!!