Friday, 29 February 2008


Last night I went out with the troops from the delivery partner (contractor).

Although different roles, we all worked in the same office. Since I don’t do much on my own, I took up the invitation of joining the guys for dinner and drinks.

Dinner was at Partick’s Roastit Bubbly Jocks. Apparently, ‘Roastit Bubbly Jocks’ means ‘roasted turkey’. Interesting...

The meal was great. We had the pre-theatre menu, two courses for less than £13! I started with the seafood chowder and for mains, I had the roast lamb. Bread was provided (which by now, I think it is a very western thing) before the meal and we had more bread to go with our soup. A large platter of veges to go with our main course was provided as well.

Roastit Bubbly Jocks, I was told, serves Scottish food. From what I had, it was fresh produce prepared and presented like fine dinning. The restaurant was very warm and cosy. Perhaps it was the candle lights flickering. Perhaps it was how close the tables are. Possibly the company was good as well.

The guys didn’t want any puddings so I gave it a miss. By that time I was quite stuffed anyways, to have pudding is almost, yes almost, being glutton.

Dinner was kinda awkward at first as out of the nine of us, I only knew two. Luckily, at the end of the night we all became friends.

Hanging out with the guys is rather interesting. Honestly, I do think that guys gossip a lot!!!

We then headed off on a pub crawl of sorts.

I prefer pub crawl compared to clubbing. At least you get to chat and get to know one another. All in all we went to three pubs: Fiddler’s Bar, The Lismore, Jinty McGuinty’s and ended up in Oran Mor’s The Venue for dancing.

By the time we were at Lismore, I was bequeath as ‘one of the guys’.

I think it was prolly a sight to see one girl with eight men, some of them is as old as my dad but don’t look as old as they said they were! Need to find out their secret to looking young.

We shared banters, or more like, I listened intently to all the gossips! Most importantly a good night was had. I was even invited to the next night out, or as the guys put it ‘team building’.

Looking forward to it already!

Drinks log: One glass of Sauvignon Blanc, eight glasses of G&T

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